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About our Dammusos

A Dammuso is a very ancient, Sicilian style of architecture. Today, it is difficult to find preserved Dammusos, except on the Aeolian island of Pantelleria, where they still exist and command high prices.

They are built in dark, dry stone and have a very distinctive roof. The roof is always white-washed and has small domes. The reasons why are two – First, it protects the inside from the heat outside, secondly it forms channels where rainwater flows down into a system for collecting rain water for irrigation.

Here are some examples of what a Dammuso can look like:

We have developed a system that allows you to build a Dammuso in different sizes depending on need. The minimum size is 38.88 sqm and has two bedrooms, kitchen/living room, a bathroom and a veranda of 12.96 sqm. It is akin to a “construction module” which can be integrated up to infinite sizes and be combined in endless variations. Below is demonstrated how you can stack two, three or six of these building modules.

Schematic drawing of a Dammuso à la Sicilian Houses

The houses have a classic Dammusi-design and cement-free stone facades in the traditional manner. The roof is whitewashed, and has (not shown in the drawing) the roof shape as shown in the example images above. The houses are optimized for Sicilian conditions and are designed to beautifully and discreetly join in the Sicilian countryside, while optimizing natural light.

Internally the houses have a traditional design, with arches and built-in wall shelves, etc. To get an idea of the style, see the sample images above.

One module

Size: 38,88 sqm and 12,96 sqm patio

Two modules

Size: 77,76 sqm and 25,92 sqm patio

Three modules

Size: 116,64 sqm and 38,88 sqm patio

Six modules

Architect: Michele Palamara.

The houses are of course entirely ecological and adapted to the geological and climatic conditions here in Sicily. To take advantage of views and create space, the houses have glass walls facing the patio – a way to create transparency without disturbing the classical architecture. To further strengthen the Sicilian character, the houses have a wooden frame to mount cactus (fichi d’india) in.

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About our Dammusos

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