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About Sicilian Houses

Welcome to Sicily and Sicilian Houses.

More and more people discover the most southern outpost of Europe. Here you can enjoy the longest and sunniest summers of Europe, long beaches, a beautiful landscape, excellent food and be well taken care of in a social and friendly atmosphere.

Unfortunately it is not easy to buy a house in Sicily if you are not Sicilian. The real estate brokers are not used to market their objects on the Internet, they speak only Italian and the sales process is built upon personal contacts and requires local knowledge.

In a way this is unfortunate, but it can also be looked upon from another view. Sicily is a diamond not yet each mans property.

We work together with different estate agencies in Sicily and select their best properties, but we also have direct contact with sellers. We help to project manage renovations, which may be the next challenge in a house purchase and we undertake ecological construction projects. We make sure you get your dream home in Sicily in the most efficient manner, whether you intend to live here permanently or intend to enjoy parts of the year here.

To purchase a house in a country with an unfamiliar nature, culture and life-style requires some extra thought. The limitations in experience might make it difficult to know what you will appreciate and what in the long run will cause irritation. It requires thought, experienced advices and probably also some time in the purchasing process. It can be wise to take that tour together with someone who has the same background and references, and who has made some experience along the way.

We love the Sicilian temper, but to quietly stand in the background and calmly await a process taking its time – no, it’s just not their thing.

Another problem is that it simply is not possible to get information regarding houses for sale in another language other than Italian. A bitter experience soon to learn is that real estate brokers do not speak English on phone and that the email address posted on the web site does not fulfill any purpose at all. Dead end.

The next available alternative is to go there, do some sightseeing and look for real estate brokers in the areas of interest. Much better, but… the communication is still in Italian, the purchasing procedure is complicated and the possibility of understanding the procedure for buying and many more important points are limited. Are there any rural development plans for the neighbourhood? What about taxes for the property? Why should I pay half the brokerage? etc.etc.

We have agreements with a number of brokers in Sicily, but we also sell properties directly from the seller. You tell us your needs and priorities and we make a selection of suitable properties for you. Together we organise a “viewing tour” and go with you to look around both the properties and the area.


A local real estate would charge 3% of the purchasing price for just showing you a property and having you sign the deed, with no guidance through and after the process. But we are there all the way, we help you from your first arrival in Sicily and in continuation, providing several crucial services. This includes everything around your purchase – searches, viewings, translations, problem solving, coordination, advices, checking that the property is entirely lawful, assist in contract signing, assistance in acquiring contacts/administration around getting a mortgage, getting renovation quotes, help getting the necessary contracts with suppliers of electricity, water, telephone, etc after purchase. In short, everything that comes along until you are settled in your new property.

If you have found your property through another real estate agent, but want us to represent you – fine, we will make an agreement with that real estate agent and represent you all the way. You don’t have to pay double commissions.

Our fee is 4%+VAT (22%) on the purchasing price with a minimum fee of € 3.500+VAT.

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