One step closer to paradise

Antique Farming Estate With Sea View In Beautiful Cefalu Surroundings

An old farming estate, where parts are in fairly good condition and other parts can be rebuilt over time. The location is excluded and stunning, with views of the surrounding mountains and the sea.


  • Sea view
  • Secluded
  • A part is quite easy to renovate
  • Possible to rebuild up to 1734 m2


This is an amazing property, reaching out to a loving and caring mind. It was built as a farming residence to one of the noble families of Sicily, and belongs up to today to hereditaries of the same family. Completely abandoned, it is though deteriorated. Today there is a part of the property still in better condition, but large parts are in need of major intervention. Good news though, is that the part that is in better condition can be renovated and made liveable with a reasonable effort, and the rest can be fixed up by time.

It is located in the mountains behind lovely Cefalu, more precisely in the area of Carbonara, just a couple of kilometers from the famous monastery of Gbilmanna. We are around 15 minutes drive from Cefalu and its fabulous, sandy beaches. The property is completely secluded and you hear nothing but silence,

The main building has a part that is still in fairly good condition – here you find beautiful arches, the old stone oven, an impressive open fire in the center etc. This part has the huge kitchen/living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The rest of the property is an invitation to the creative mind.Some of the rooms have got some natural beauties attached, like trees and extraordinary beautiful root systems that could be kept to keep its nature and history intact in the estate. Some of the ruins apart from the main building, like the old mill with its stream, could be used for making a pool area within the ruin and open to the sky. This is a property where to create paradise on earth.

The land is immense (almost 34 hectares) and can be used for planting trees, animal breeding, and of course to keep a part to produce your crops. There might be fundings available, depending on what might be your plan.

Property summary

Property number A1336


Contrada Bosco Vaccarizzo SNC
90015 Cefalù, Palermo

Type Country house
Transaction For sale
Bedrooms 0
Floor area 1734 sq.m.
Land area 337,151 sq.m.
Price 800,000 €

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Broker information

Broker Sicilian Houses
Via Garibaldi 39
90018 Termini Imerese (PA)
Contact Ms. Marie Wester
Phone +39 328 444 8589

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