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Costs for building a house in Sicily

Here we try to simplify the reality a bit. Of course, prices vary depending on many factors, but this is an attempt to create a general understanding by example.

Let us say that we help you find a lot to build on for 70.000 euros. On the site you want to build a house of 100 sqm. You choose standard materials of good quality and you install an autonomous solar power solution. You need to make a road to the house about 10 metres. A reasonable estimate for this are:

Land 70.000
Foundation 3.500
House 45.000
Road and scarification 5.000
Electricity and water/sewage 5.000
Flooring 4.000
Kitchen and Bathroom 5.000
Solar 10.000
Project Costs 20.000
Costs for buying the land 8.000
Total 175.500

Note that since many of the costs declared above are fixed, it does not mean that a house of 200 sqm is twice as expensive as the one described above, but rather about 50% more expensive.

This means that you can create a home in accordance to your requirements – traditional or modern design, on a spacious plot of land in the area you want with the views you wish. And at a price that is attractive.

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Costs for building a house in Sicily
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