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It is not always easy to find a place where both the location, the house and the price is in line with the requirements. Are you among those who do not want to compromise, perhaps the solution is to construct a house!

We have access to many excellent and affordable building plots all over Sicily. We also have access to one of Sicily’s most famous and well-qualified architects, and Swedish/Sicilian constructors of eco-houses of any design, size, etc. Of course also to all other professionals involved in a construction project. We co-ordinate the entire project, from viewing of land until the handover of the key to your finished house.

Many people are worried about the complexity of building in an unknown environment and culture. Here we go through the process to demonstrate that it is actually not as difficult as you might imagine. At least not if you undertake the project according to the model we have developed. This working model ensures that you avoid nasty surprises in the form of additional costs during or after the project.

We work with construction projects for private homes, but also commercial ones such as construction of hotels, shopping malls, vacation villages, etc.

Of course, you can build your house according to your own specification, but we present here also a completely ingenious house, created entirely in accordance to ancient, Sicilian traditions, a so-called dammuso that can be made in different sizes. A more beautiful and more tradition-style design is hard to find. It is normally very costly to create a dammuso, but with smart solutions, we can now offer genuine dammusis of very good quality at good prices.

Our building solutions are 100% ecological and fully adapted to the climate and geological conditions in Sicily.

Create your own dream home
Building in Sicily
The building process
Costs for building a house in Sicily
About our Dammusos

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