One step closer to paradise

Pollina and Pollina Finale

Pollina is an “eagle’s nest” perched on a cliff along the north coast of Sicily. The spectacular little town has great views in all directions – green mountains and blue sea.

Here live a little over 3,000 people. The town is medieval, with narrow cobble stone streets and medieval buildings. Everyone knows everyone and here widows are still dressed all in black with black headscarves. Here you find no supermarkets, if you want to buy meat you go to the butcher, the cheese is sold in the cheese store etc, and your goods are wrapped in neat packages. The town has a pizzeria and some bars.

If you take the serpentine road down to the coast, you come to Pollina Finale, a more modern town with beautiful beaches, restaurants and bars. By car it takes 15 minutes to go down to Finale and sandy beaches.

The municipality borders on Cefalu, Castelbuono and San Mauro Castelverde.

From Pollina to Cefalu is 18 kilometers and the trip takes half an hour, from Pollina Finale you reach Cefalu in 15 minutes.

The airport in Palermo is reached within 1.5 hours from Pollina.

Pollina is perfect for those who love peace, tranquility, nature and a traditional, Sicilian lifestyle. The people in town are open, friendly and helpful. Here you are met by a warm curiosity and an unusual willingness to help.

For nature lovers here are endless opportunities – walk in the beautiful Le Madonie, ride horses in nearby Agriturismo’s, boat life, pick crops to eat in Sicily’s rich natural larder etc. Throughout the area there are other small, tourist freed towns to visit. The city has an amphitheater on the mountain’s highest peak, and here is arranged wonderful theatrical events.

There is a train station in Pollina Finale, and here are also buses between Pollina and Pollina Finale (beach), but also to Cefalu.

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