One step closer to paradise

Renovate your house with the best craftsmen available in Sicily

When you are about to renovate your house, we will help you find the craftsmen you will need. If you want to, we can manage the renovation project while you are gone.

Some people buy a house ready to just move in to. But others want to give it their unique character, or perhaps refine a house for an economical lever.

In general there are incredible skilled craftsmen in Sicily. They are more multifaceted than we are used to – it is not a rare thing that one and the same person take care of the plumbing, the façade renovation and the changes of doors. Even though renovation in a foreign country, in a foreign language can feel like a frightening experience. It is hard enough to get it right at home… within budget… within time.

We have a network of very skilled and reliable craftsmen, and we make sure the renovation is made at best possible way. We project manage renovation and construction projects and make sure you will get the results you are looking for. We are the link between craftsmen, engineers, geometras, the municipality, architects and you. We communicate continuously and send photos of the working progress. We advise in choice of materials and – not least – we take care of problems that might occur during the process.

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