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Rent an Ancient Feudal Estate to your Conference, Course, Event or as Personal Residence

In astonishing Sicilian nature is this ancient feudal estate, tastefully decorated with handmade antiques and with a fully equipped restaurant kitchen. A very tasteful and elegantly living amidst nature and with all the good Sicily has to offer in the surroundings.


  • Antique mansion
  • Beautiful mountain surroundings
  • Generous social areas
  • Hunting, horseback riding
  • Marine-oriented activities
  • 18-hole golf course, 20 minutes away
  • Classical Sicilian cooking/wine tasting
  • We can arrange more beds on your request


The spacious feudal estate is located a few kilometers from the small mountain town of Collesano on the northern coast of Sicily. Here you are in the large, beautiful nature park Le Madonie, surrounded by stunning mountains in the back and the Mediterranean shimmering sea in front.

The estate has 22 sleeps and grand social areas, dining room, reception area and a fully equipped restaurant kitchen. The entire mansion is furnished with beautiful Sicilian antiques.

It is said that here you even have a feudal ghost in place, an offended feudal lord who in his anger turns paintings diagonally in his former bedroom – but he seems to be quite harmless, he hasn’t caused anything worse than that. The old embrasures where in troubled times the feudals defended themselves against enemies and assault are still preserved in the walls. The estate also has a small private church, now in need of renovation.

Should the number of sleeps is not enough, there are close to this estate two ancient, very nice agriturismos where collaboration agreements are in place. Overall, groups of up to 60 people can be accommodated.

Here you have access to a great variety of activities. Activities in the well known nature park, hunting, horseback riding etc., marine-oriented activities such as tours on the sea, ranging from fishing boats to luxury yachts, water sports and more. A beautiful, well-organized 18-hole golf course is only 20 minutes away.

The feudal estate can be rented for self-accomodation (a housekeeper is always in place though) or with full service.

We assist with conference facilities and, where necessary, equipment for courses etc.

Basic rent for the mansion with self-accomodation (including a housekeeper):
Weekend: 3500 euros
Week: 5500 euros

Prices for accomodation with different level of service on request. We provide everything to make the experience as rich as possible.

Food and drink
We are happy to assist by giving you a culinary and genuine Sicilian food experience. We promise meals based on local produce and fresh ingredients, cooked in a traditional, Sicilian way. The Sicilian cuisine is justifiably famous, and the Sicilian, generous mentality is famous. Look forward to a culinaric orgie!

Of course also the Sicilian noble drinks must be included in the experience. Sicily is Italy’s largest wine producer, and of course the attention must be paid to these exquisite drinks.

If desired, we can also arrange courses in Sicilian cooking, and Sicilian wines.

During the period from September to January, it’s hunting season and we have access to some of the more prominent hunters in Sicily to arrange hunting experiences. We can arrange hunting for rabbits, poultry, and in some cases even wild boar. Of course, this requires customary permits, licenses, etc.

Hikes and horse riding in Le Madonie
Le Madonie is a park large enough to include 15 villages and towns. Its highest point extends as high as 1979 meters above sea level. There is a vast variety of flora and fauna, and not forgetting a fantastic scenery.

We arrange day trips and on foot or by horse in the park, with a focus on breath-taking natural beauty and spectacular views.

Mediterranean Sea Experiences
There are many options. The sea is a drive of 20 minutes and we have access to all thinkable marine experiences. It includes fishing trips with local fishermen (and cooking of the catch in the feudal estate kitchen), trips to the beautiful islands of yachts in different dimensions, water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, kiting, windsurfing – everything imaginable.

We can provide all forms of transport; airport transfer as well as local transfers in smaller or larger groups. Day or night.

Lectures and shows
It may be interesting to get a deeper insight into Sicilian history and traditions. Therefore we take pleasure in organizing culturally significant events:

  • Performances of Sicilian folk dance and music
  • Falconeers (typical of Le Madonie)
  • Lectures on the history of Sicily, the Mafia etc.
  • Traditional Sicilian puppet shows with an interpreter
  • Demonstrations and lecture of Sicilian hand and finger gestures

We have Swedish-, English-, French-, German, Finnish and Russian-speaking people who can attend all events.

Make a description of your group, your purpose and your needs, and we will come back with a detailed quote.

Property summary

Property number A801


90016 Collesano, Palermo

Type Country house
Transaction For rent
Bedrooms 22
Price 3,500 €/week

Location map

Photo gallery

A classical and welcoming reception desk

Large social areas

A detail from the large patio

For nice evenings together, and maybe a glass of cognac

Beautiful views and surroundings

The entrance to the patio

More space for socialising

From the patio looking out

Social areas

Beautiful surroundings

A water hole

Why not a day on horse in the mountains?

The altar in the old property church

Holy water

An old well

Note the feudal property owner under the tree, to get an idea of how high it is

Grazing cows in the surroundings

Bedroom interior

Bedroom interior

Bedroom interior

Bedroom interior

Bedroom interior

Bedroom interior

Bedroom window with handmade, antique curtain

Bathroom detail


Broker information

Broker Sicilian Houses
Via Garibaldi 39
90018 Termini Imerese (PA)
Contact Ms. Marie Wester
Phone +39 328 444 8589

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