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Sicilian Nobility Palace from 15th Century

For over 400 years, this centrally located palace has belonged to one of Termini Imerese’s baron families. It is 1300 sqm large and has everything you could wish for in an antique, Sicilian town palace.


  • Antique, Sicilian nobility palace
  • Arches, ornated columns
  • Ballrooms with nine meter ceiling height
  • Frescoes
  • Original detailed preserved
  • Private chapel
  • A palace courtyard
  • Fountain
  • Balconies and 2 terraces
  • Town and sea views


The palace is located a few steps from Termini Imereses main square, Piazza Duomo and a large park with remainings from the Roman period, such as an ancient amphitheater. Around the corner you find the beautiful belvedere with endless views over the Mediterranean Sea, bars and restaurants.

Entering the gate and stepping into the enclosed palace patio is like stepping into another world. Here are arches, ornated columns, Mediterranean greenery and a fountain. An historical oasis right in the town center.

The property offers all of the original detailed preserved. Here you will still find the 400 year old laundry, toilets with bucket cabinets, large ballrooms with nine meter ceilings and ceiling paintings etc. Here is also a private church where in ancient times masses were held, preventing the nobility the need to mix with the common people.

The property is one of the town’s most rare gems and it needs to find an owner with a sense for the history and a desire to recreate an important historical monument back to its former glory.

Overall, the property has 30 rooms, a palace courtyard, small garden and two terraces. The location is central, but quiet. From the many, beautiful balconies you have views of the town and mediterranean.

During the 1600s the palace was the basis for a government hostile brotherhood, who also built an escape tunnel with exit outside the town walls. Today, nobody knows where is the entrance to the escape tunnel. This, and most certainly more Sicilian, historical secrets will be revealed at a renovation.

The property needs a total renovation.

About Termini Imerese

Termini Imerese is a coastal town with 30,000 inhabitants. Here you find lots of cute alleys with colourful landry lines, cardplaying old men and playing children. But here is also a beautiful “Bevedere” area with fashionable drink bars and night clubs with DJ´s. Last but not least-here you find almost no tourists. You will learn Italian at lightning speed. And the restaurants here has twice as good and half as expensive food as in the more tourist oriented cities.


Palermo 35 km
Cefalù 30 km

Here you can read more, and see photos from Termini Imerese Termini Imerese

Property summary

Property number A805


Piazza Duomo
90018 Termini Imerese, Palermo

Type Commercial
Transaction For sale
Bedrooms 15
Floor area 1300 sq.m.
Price 800,000 €

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Broker information

Broker Sicilian Houses
Via Garibaldi 39
90018 Termini Imerese (PA)
Contact Ms. Marie Wester
Phone +39 328 444 8589

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