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Siculiana is an ancient coastal town situated 18 kilometers west of the larger town of Agrigento (58,000 inhabitants) on Sicily’s southern coast.

In Siculiana live about 4.500 people. The location has had settlements since ancient times, but the present town Siculiana was founded in year 1425.

The town is divided into two parts, the old town Siculiana, and the other part, Siculiana Marina, at the fabulous sandy beach, where you find holiday homes, hotels and numerous bars and restaurants. Between Siculiana and Siculiana Marina is a distance of 3.5 km on good bike-/car road.

In the town Siculiana are many ancient buildings worth viewing. For example:

Castle Chiaramonte from the 1600s

Church of SS Crocifisso

Palazzo Agnello

Palazzo Alfani

The town center is antique, full of small streets and alleys – and of course a beautiful “belvedere” with outdoor bars and a beautiful view.

Siculiana has a tradition of culture and classical music. Much thanks to the now deceased Baron of Siculiana, Francesco Agnello, who was a great lover and patron of music and culture. He created many events with both young, talented Sicilian musicians, as with internationally renowned musicians and orchestras. Among others, Karlheinz Stockhousen did here set up the first version of Momente.

A film about Siculiana, unfortunately in Italian.

Siculiana Marina
Siculiana Marina offers everything needed for a relaxed beach lifestyle. The beach is generous in size and well organized. The beach area has a multitude of bars and restaurants.

The Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa
Here you walk in beautiful coastal scenery and can view orchids, juniper bushes, white limestone cliffs, ancient limestone quarries and of course the guard tower – Torre Salsa. The area covers a six-kilometer long coastline and is protected and under the WWF’s patronage. The reserve is well worth a visit.

Scala dei Turchi
A few kilometers further west, lies the famous cliffs Scala dei Turchi. A pilgrimage for people who would like to swim and sunbathe at the beautiful, white rock formations.

Valley of the Temples in Agrigento
From Siculiana to the beautiful Greek temples of Agrigento, is a journey of 21 km. Definitely a must. It is an advantage to go there during spring and fall, as it can be quite hot to walk the valley in the summer. Also because the area is very well attended during the summer months.

From Siculiana to airports
Palermo airport: 150 kilometers, a journey of two hours
Trapani airport: 164 kilometers, a journey of just over two hours
Catania airport: 176 kilometers, a journey of 2.5 hours
Comiso airport: 130 kilometers, a journey of two hours

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