One step closer to paradise

Step-by-step to your new house in Sicily

A small overview of your house purchase here in Sicily. What are the steps to go through, what happens in each step…

  • Although Sicily looks small of the map, so it takes a while to get around the island. This means that it is very time-saving if you can make up your mind for one or perhaps two possible l ocations n Sicily where to focus the house search. Similarly, time is saved if you make yourself a priority list of house characteristics, and decide on an overall budget.
  • Regarding the budget, be aware that it can be difficult to get a mortgage in Italy for non-Italians (it can be difficult even open a bank account in an Italian bank unless you have a residency here). We can however help you check up the possibilities. A foreign bank can not use a house in Italy as collateral for a mortgage. If you have a real estate in your home country possible to mortgage, this is usually the best solution.
  • Once you find a real estate you want to buy, you sign a preliminary contract to secure the estate, and pay a deposit of 10-30 percent of the purchase price. This is most easily done through a bank transfer. We prefer to use a notary also for the preliminary contract signed to make sure everything is done correctly and properly registered.
  • A notary must always check, approve and register a purchase. Notarial fee size is not insignificant in the overall calculation. The notary is to verify that there are no impediments to the purchase and that there are no circumstances regarding the house that would be good to have knowledge of. This part of the process normally takes a few weeks..
  • To buy a house in Italy, you need to have an Italian tax number, a so-called Codice Fiscale . You easily get that from your local Italian Embassy, and it might be a good idea to get that before coming over to look at houses.
  • When the notary has examined the documents, the final contract can be signed (l’atto). This is done at the notary’s office in presence of buyers, sellers, notary and any real estate agent involved. If you do not speak Italian, you must either have a power of attorney to someone who will ensure that you understand the meaning of the contract. Another option is to use an authorised translator that makes a translation and participates when signing the contract. We do of course assist with this as part of the process. Passports and Codice Fiscale be presented. The total purchase price, notary fees and taxes and real estate fees must be paid and supported by a receipt. All payments are registered with the transaction number of the notary before the contract is signed.
  • Now the house is yours and you need to open/transfer subscription for electricity, water and phone/ADSL. This is done through personal visits, and we assist you with this. You will then need to bring documents of sale of the house, Codice Fiscale and passports. In many cases it is possible to pay quarterly fees on the Internet.
  • Property tax is paid once a year.
  • The house should then be insured (optional in Italy). We assist you also in this part of the process.
  • Now you are mostly done, and it is time to move in, greet the neighbors, etc.

A mailbox buy in the nearest department store and set so high that children do not reach it. Most of your “Italian” mail, you can address to to your home country, but some will only send mail within the country.

Telephone and Internet you most easily get from one of the domestic telephone companies, such as Telecom Italia, Wind and Fastweb.

Pay TV is available in several designs. You can use a conventional TV antenna with a special decoder , . in Italy called Mediaset. You can have TV via satellite from Sky. You purchase a subscription with a local dealer.

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