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Termini Imerese

Termini Imerese is a town with 30.000 inhabitants on Sicily’s northern coast, located between Palermo and Cefalu. It has roots as far back as 400 BC. The city has a large “Centro Storico”, with bustling streets and plenty of bars, shops, vegetable and fish vendors. Here you find a few tourists, but to a limited extent.

The town has a long and interesting story. On wikipedia is more to read about the historical development.

The city is built on a slope, and is divided into two parts, upper and lower Termini, linked by a “street” in the form of a long, flat staircase called Via Roma.

The city’s upper part (Termini Alta) is more modern and here are the beautiful Duomo, with its great piazza and the beautiful Belvedere where the “Termitani” takes their Sunday evenings walk, eat ice cream and socialize. You will also find modern bars with DJ, large beer gardens open year round and the best icecream bars.

The lower part (Termini Bassa) is more original. Here are the town’s oldest parts. Here you find bars that open four o’clock in the morning, for the fishermen to be able to drink their coffee before they go out and fishes, and here you also find the town’s fish and vegetable street. This is where the housewives in the mornings go and buy fresh fish, seafood and vegetables. And vendors are working hard to drown each other. Here, the bars are smaller and more “original”. They are more used to quickly drink the coffee or amaro at the bar and chat a while, than to be put at the table with long drinks.

A big advantage is that the city is a hub for rail traffic. All trains stop here, and train leaves for Palermo train every half hour. Also trains going to northern Italy stops here.

The city has a large port. For about a year ago, it was decided on a major project in Termini Imerese. The large port will be moved, and instead here will be a small-boat marina. It will be next to the city beach. The entire port area is changing in character, and here will be restaurants, bars, etc. Already now, a year after the decision, the difference is noticeable. There is now a new, large bar with a discotheque on the beach, the beach has been greatly improved and construction projects are ongoing. A very interesting development.

Here are some Youtube video clips that might that to provide an experience of the city:

A flight tour over Termini Imerese showing the town and neighbourhood.

Via Verdura (Via dei Bagni) where happy street vendors sell vegetables, fruit and fresh fish in a fairly entertaining way.

A man in a bar singing a traditional, Sicilian song.

Religiosa ceremonies are common. Here the Madonna is celebrated, which occurs December 8 every year.

360 degrees view over Termini from the top of the mountain San Calogero

Befanafest i Termini. Befana is according to the legend a dirty, old woman with apron and worn slippers. Together with the three kings who visited Jesus in Betlehem go give gifts were one of another nature: Befana. During the night between January 5 and 6 every year, she straddles a broom and under a weight of a bag full of toys, chocolates and sweets, but also charcoal for bad children, are flying over the roofs and chimneys and fills stockings hung by the children. The video clip also shows a part of the “street food” in the region.

The beach in Termini Imerese
The beach is rocky, but nice and well attended. Here are sun umbrellas, the possibility to rent beach chairs, a couple of cafes, bars, lifeguards, showers, discoteque etc. The beach is populated, but never crowded. Approximately four kilometres to the west, towards Palermo, there are in addition many fine, sandy beaches.

Many people ask about the beach in Termini Imerese, so here is a small photo collection:

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