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We cover entire Sicily

Sicily has a very varied landscape, and here is something for all. There are the soft hills of Tuscany, dramatic mountains, open views and – of course – long sandy beaches och crystal clear water.

We are primarely active in the northern part of the island, but not exclusively. We also accept assignments for other parts of the island.

In our “home region” you find, among other places, the main city Palermo, the cute and touristic city Cefalù, nice villages and small cities by the coast, and a little further in, villages climbing the mountains.

Despite the long, dry and hot summers, the area is surprisingly green all year round. Here you find large groves of oranges and lemons, olives, wine, figs etc. 

The temperature over the year:

In celsius:

Day temp141517202428303028242116
Night temp 6 6 912141820201916139

In fahrenheit:

Day temp575963687582868682757061
Night temp 43 43 48545764686866615548

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