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Property Management

To have a distant house can be troublesome on the practical level. Who takes care of the pool, empty the mail box, pay yor bills, clean up the house and waters the flowers? If you want, you can leave it all to us while you are gone.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and refreshing. Don’t waste energy on the less-than-thrilling aspects of owning a holiday home—cleaning, paying bills, gardening and so on—leave all that up to us. You’ll be in capable hands.

A contract with us means services tailored to your particular needs.  We take pride in having the resources, and the resourcefulness, to deal with a wide variety of service requirements. If what you need is not listed here, just ask and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Our contract and payment models are designed to make your life easier. We draw up a one-year contract that covers all the services you would like to have over the course of a year, and you pay a flat rate. It’s as simple and convenient as that.

You can order one of our packaged solutions or you can have a completely customised service package . Read carefully what follows and then fill out the forms you are interested in.

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Your eyes and ears…always

1. Two monthly inspections of the property when unoccupied

This could be the specialty you didn’t even know you needed. It basically boils down to having someone drop in on a weekly basis to air out the house, flush the toilets and keep the pipes and drains open, and generally make sure everything is in order.

2. Mailbox emptying

Mail can be troublesome when you have a vacation property. Certain bills may be delivered by way of surface mail only, and cause problems if they aren’t attended to on time. With us, you can choose between two simple solutions. You can redirect your mail to our central post box, we check it three times a week, we scan and email each item to you or we can go to your property once a week to check your mail.

3. Ad hoc inspections (bad weather, damages)

4. Phone/Skype contact at any time

5. Two monthly email reports with pictures of the property attached

Your private agent (silver included)

6. Bill startup (electricity, water, PayTv, internet, etc…)

7. Paying bills, taxes, condominium fees etc:

Another headache you’ll be glad to avoid! We all know that Sicily is not tremendously advanced when it comes to payment procedures. Some bills are even trickier than others: Property taxes and garbage fees require going to the municipality offices every six months to pick the bills up. Then they must be paid at the post office and go have to go back to the municipality to show the receipt. This might take a whole valuable vacation day. Leave these and other bills to us.  As long as you ensure that your prepaid card has adequate funds, we can take care of all your payments. Naturally, in this matter—as in all other matters—we will provide you with a detailed report of everything we attend to.

*All the invoice amounts will be taken from a prepaid card that you will have left to us. We also suggest to set up a direct debit for all bills

If you would like your holiday home to generate some income, we can manage the entire rental process for you.  This means advertising on the Italian and international markets, key hand-over, cleaning services, and anything associated with the rental process. Ongoing reports as to occupancy rate and financials are a given. We’ll keep you up to date to set your mind at ease. (click here to fill out the packages online form)

  • Property advertised on and other related websites
  • We will manage bookings, collect payment and deposit, meet guests, provide them keys and assist them during their stay
  • Money, less our fees will be transferred into your bank account
  • We will provide a holiday changeover clean at the end of their stay

Requirements for property management contract to start:

  • Keys x 2 full sets
  • Property inventory
  • Bedding and towels x2 full sets
  • Full set of images for the property
  • Electricity, water and gas connected if applicable
  • Clean apartment otherwise enquire as to cleaning costs to start property management

You are welcome to contact us for a quote regardless of whether you are looking for marketing services or are interested in a more comprehensive package.

Please, contact us for more informations and rates
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1. Holiday Changeover & Refresh Clean

Prefer having your property cleaned right before you arrive? After you leave? Possibly both? We’ll accommodate you. Weekly cleaning or even a live-in maid or caretaker can also be arranged. It’s all up to you.

2. Welcome Pack

We have different kind of grocery packs waiting for you and your guests. After a long trip, grocery shopping may not top your list of fun things to do. Picture this scenario instead: You walk into your home, it’s sparkling clean and the fridge is stocked with food and drink. The beer and wine are chilled and maybe there’s even a meal ready and waiting for you.

3. Airport Transfer

We can arrange to pick you up or drop you off at any airport. Naturally, this service can be included in your flat-rate contract.

4. Property Repairs and Renovation

We provide all kind of works and a wide range of quality materials. Whatever your needs, come to us and we’ll provide translated quotes for all kinds of renovation and construction work. We have access to a wide range of building professionals such as surveyors, architects, engineers, construction workers, carpenters, and so on. We also have what it takes to manage the entire process, reporting back to you at regular intervals with progress reports and photo documentation. There is a long list of satisfied customers who can vouch for our expertise in renovation and construction projects—even major operations.

5. Interior Design Consulting

Tell us about your preferences, select your moodboard, ask your personal shopper. When it comes to interior design, we can set you up with internationally experienced decorators to help make the most of your holiday home.

6. Garden Design and Maintenance

A beautiful garden is a soul-soothing asset. However, with limited vacation days, a garden can also be a nightmare. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a beautiful, tidy, flowering garden upon arrival? Rather than an overgrown mess, crying for attention…We have garden designers ready to help you redesign your garden, as well as gardeners who can take over the maintenance and keep your garden the delightful place it is intended to be.
In addition to this, we can harvest the olives and fruit on your property and render them for you, allowing you to enjoy your very own olive oil, marmalade, figs in brandy, dried apricots, limoncello, or whatever tickles your fancy. Now isn’t that a treat?

7. Terrace Design and Maintenance

What we can do for your garden, we can do for your terrace. Even go one step further: you can outsource every aspect! We decorate your terrace with flowers. We water your plants, make sure that they’re in excellent shape, and replace them whenever necessary. You don’t have to think about a thing—except how to best enjoy your haven with a glass of spumante…

8. Pool Maintenance

We provide all pool maintenance resources.

9. Personal Administration

This category can include a multitude of services, from booking air tickets, purchasing a car, to arranging a private driver or finding you a personal assistant. Tell us what you need, and we’ll do our best to make suitable arrangements.

10. Car Care Service

Do you need safe long-term parking? We can pick your car up at the airport and keep it under a watchful eye while you are away. When it’s time to return to Sicily again, we drop your car off at the airport in time for your arrival. Our car care service includes the small details that can make a big difference: While your car in our care, we will start it up and drive it a few kilometers on a weekly basis to make sure the battery never runs down. If you like, we can take your car in for service as part of our deal. Or make sure it’s freshly washed. It’s your call.

11. Boat Care Service

Boats can be cared for in the same way as cars. We take full responsibility for your boat, including service, cleaning, etc. We have access to licensed staff authorized for various boat sizes. We can also provide you with a rental boat or rent your boat out when you do not need it.

12. Other

please enquire for additional services.

With us, all you need is ONE telephone number to resolve any problems related to your vacation home. And your contact will speak your own language.

The telephone number is +39 328 444 8589
Our email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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