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With our help, you will be able to buy a house in Sicily without problems

When purchasing a property abroad, many are worried about the maintenance of the property. Now you can let all worries go, we offer property maintenance services all over Sicily. Using our property services, you will need only one single telephone number to risolve all problems. Might it be to pay the bills, to clean and prepare the house before arrival, rental of your property, renovations, gardening, babysitting. You name it.

A contract with us can include a number of services, for instance:

  • Cleaning when you leave and/or arrive
  • Mail service, we check your mailbox once a week
  • We pay your bills
  • Gardening/garden design and pool maintenance
  • Design and plant leasing (including plant care) for terraces
  • Looking in once a week to make sure everything is ok, flush the toilets etc
  • Renovation services and maintenance
  • Arranging car rental and/or take care of your car (long-term parking, revisions, maintenance etc) while not here
  • Picking up/leaving you or your car at the airport
  • Grocery shopping before you arrive
  • Babysitting
  • Rental of your home when not around
  • Personal administration like help with residency etc
  • Boat rental and boat maintenance
  • ...and more

We make a base contract with the services you would like to include at a flat rate per year. Additional and temporary services can of course be ordered at anytime.

With us you need only one telephone number and one contact person to resolve all issues around your vacation home.

We speak English, Swedish, French, German and Italian.

If you are interested in having a quote, please contact us and describe what kind of services you would like to have included.

Use the contact form below. Please note that this form is for private communication only, nothing will be published on the website.

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