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Palermo - Cultural Capital 2018

by Marie on April 29, 2018
Palermo - Cultural Capital 2018

It is with a certain amount of pride we announce that Palermo has been chosen to represent Italy as Italian Capital of Culture 2018! So this year so more than usual reasons to visit our beautiful city.

Palermo is a multi-ethnic mosaic, with all the beauty the mixture of diverse cultures brings on. Apart from the historical beauty of Palermo and all kinds of art experiences, values like peace, hospitality, innovation, solidarity, and plurality will be emphasized.

Look forward to a full program, stimulating all your senses. The goal is not only to expose a beautiful city and interesting culture but also to bring forward reflection and development.

Palermo will during 2018 open up its hidden treasures for the rest of the world. You will have the opportunity go see many of Sicily's fabulous noble palaces, closed catacombs, hidden church-rooms... Of course also loads of exhibitions, concerts and multi-media experiences. Palermo is ready to give you a blast this summer.

Check the program out.