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Tax reduction for retired foreigners mov...

The first of January 2019, the Italian government rolled out a new tax regime. The aim is to at [more]
by Marie
Apr 22, 2019

About buying a 1 euro property in Sicily

It sounds like a dream come true, right - a 1 euro property in Sicily? To actually acquire a st [more]
by Marie
Aug 04, 2018

Run an agriturismo in Sicily

An agriturismo is a best described as a small-scale farming hotel. The objective is to have the [more]
by Marie
Jul 16, 2018

How to open a B&B in Sicily?

To open a B&B in Sicily is not as complicated as it might sound. Here you get an overview of th [more]
by Marie
Jul 15, 2018

The Sicilian Climate

From a geographical point of view, Sicily is actually closer to Africa than to the Italian capi [more]
by Marie
May 07, 2018

Sicily - rental market booming!

Sicily is becoming more and more popular amongst tourists, and those who choose to rent their v [more]
by Marie
Apr 10, 2018

And what about the mafia?

One of the most common questions I get is about the Mafia (Cosa Nostra). If it is risky to buy [more]
by sicilianhouses2
Apr 03, 2018