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How to open a B&B in Sicily?

by Marie on July 15, 2018
How to open a B&B in Sicily?

Are you in the process of making a life change? Is it your desire to live a calmer life, in a lovely, Sicilian setting with a closer integration between work and private life? If you love to take care of guests and to create inviting environments, a B&B could be just the right thing for you. But how to do it?

First of all, you do not have to buy an established B&B, you can start a B&B activity in any property suitable for the purpose. The advantage of taking over an established B&B is of course that you already have references and maybe also a client base. But it is absolutely no prerequisite.

Secondly, you do not have to have a registered, Italian company to run a B&B. You can run and declare it as a private. Actually, all it takes is that you register and activate the B&B activity at the municipal tourist office where the property is located. Easy enough. The documentation needed is:

  • A registered floor plan
  • A deed or rental contract
  • An insurance for this kind of activity

There are of course some requirements to consider. You are allowed to use up to 5 rooms for the B&B, with a maximum of 20 beds. Each double must be at least 14 sqm, and each single at least 8 sqm and there must be a reasonably good access to bathrooms. You should also yourself live in or near the property.

Rules are that you will need to clean the premises every day, and change bed linen at least twice a week (and of course between guests!). Breakfast has to be available – and here comes some bad news… You are not allowed to cook or bake for your guests. All things served, must be prepared and packaged by a commercial producer. Very limiting, but remember that in Sicily you always have a good bakery around the corner. And easy access to delicious, locally produced food of high standard. So please, don’t let that bring you down.

As you see, it is not that complicated. So what about profitability? This is up to you. An inviting atmosphere, good marketing, fast and personal client communication should do the trick. To give an idea about the financials, you can study this general example of how revenue and expenses are normally distributed.


Material 20%
Service 5%
(Mortgage) (20%)
Tax 20%


Depreciation 20%

Net result


Source: Bed & Breakfast di Successo

Would you be more interested in a countryside farming hotel (an agriturismo), please contact us for further information about how it works.

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