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Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Western Sicily

When exploring Sicily's beauty and history, the western region is a treasure trove of undiscove [more]
by Marie
May 22, 2023

Termini Imerese

In Termini Imerese you find a lovely old town and a multitude of restaurants, bars, and shops. [more]
by Marie
Apr 25, 2018

The Province of Trapani

If you take time to explore this province, you will be greatly rewarded with staggering natural [more]
by Marie
Apr 10, 2018
the fountain on the square archimedes in syracuse. sicily, italy

The Province of Syracuse

In Europe there is a shortage of cities with an aura of mystical, not to say mythical, charge, [more]
by Marie
Apr 09, 2018

The Province of Ragusa

In the mood for some Baroque living? Some Rococo to spice up Sicily’s already encompassing infl [more]
by Marie
Apr 09, 2018